Our Products

We, gentlemen of the Villa are just that, gentlemen farmers, so we never really know what were going to be offering year after year, What we do know is that farming is hard and we’re always trying to find items that help sustain the farmer life that we’re trying lead. So, check out below what we offer and let us know if you are interested in learning more.


Where you can find our products

Body Products

Inspired by our attempt to find something to do with excess goat milk, we started making soap with goats milk in 2013. Since then we’ve continued to perfect our recipes and scents as well as expand our product line. Keep coming back though because you never know what we may come up with next!

Goats Milk Soaps

All Natural Lotion

Inspired by the love of our soaps, we decided to complement it with body lotion. Our base lotion contains no glycerin or non-natural ingredients. Our oil base is mostly calendula infused almond oil and shea butter. We then make our different scents with organic essential oils and Vitamin E. Many of the lotions are the same scent as our soaps but we know that you’ll love them all!

Whipped Body Butter​

We know what all of the weather in Michigan can do to your body. Use as a daily moisturizer for any wintery blues your skin may have.  Our body butter is primarily organic shea, cocoa butter and coconut oil. It also includes the magical Argan oil and other bits of goodness your skin will appreciate.

Lovely Bath Salts

Bath Salts

Our soaking salts allow you to escape the physical and emotional strains of a stressful day. The salts will soak into your weary body and the aroma will soak into your weary soul making all things better!