Villa Who?


Villa Villelyon is a small natural farm in the horse capital of Washtenaw county. We are community oriented, interested in educating big and little people alike, while having fun, sharing knowledge, and producing great foods! Check out our Farm Blog for recipes, tips on how to live and eat adventurously, and of course, humorous anecdotes on life in general! On this site, you will also find updates for the folks interested in our garden and about where their food is coming from. Stay tuned! Look around! We’re still knocking out some cobwebs, but if for nothing else, you should know that it’s bound to be funny watching the antics as we farm around…

What does Villa Villelyon mean? Pippi Longstocking lived in Villa Villekula and we live in South Lyon and we’re fancy so we pronounce it LEEOWN!

explore the barn on the Goatcam