TG struts his stuff!

It all started memorial weekend when Curt thought that we would only have one baby duck hatch. So after a fun trip to our friends over at Feral Foods in Willis, Curt and Nick decided that not only would they want to make sure our probable one hatched duck would have a buddy, but that turkeys are awesome so we needed one of those for a while. While Tim was away working for the weekend and Curt sent pictures of not one, not two, not three but four baby ducks and some other mysterious creature, we were now raising two hatched ducks, two bought pekin ducklings and also a heritage breed turkey. It was decided that he would be named TG in honor of our favorite belly stuffing holiday in the fall!


Yesterday, TG finally strutted his stuff and showed his true colors. It was a beautiful sight to see! He acted like he didn’t know what was going on. He has this look of “um guys… Could you please make this stop.” But we loved it! Now, let’s see how things go for the next month. After Curt has now processed six ducks and TG makes the grossest poop on top of the duck house, Curt says he’s ready the the annual harvest feast! These are the signs of true farmers…