Duck Eggs

All of our family of Ducks want you to know just how much they appreciate their jobs! Active and healthy, Louie and his Ladies, along with all of the others, spend their days monitoring the insect population of the various animal pastures, ensure proper puddle management, and alerting the staff of visitors. But their biggest job is to make farm fresh eggs to sell! We choose our flocked based on their natural egg laying abilities, which far surpassing the average chicken, laying up to 360 eggs per year.


Duck Eggs are better for baking, containing more albumin (a form of protein), which makes pastries rich and fluffy. Duck Eggs contain twice the nutritional value of chicken eggs, and have stronger shells which keep them fresh for longer. These eggs are packed with thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and retinol. Duck Eggs have more Omega 3 fatty acids and are alkaline producing food. Omega 3 is thought to improve everything from brain health to skin health, while foods higher in alkaline create a hostile environment for cancer cells (chicken eggs are fairly acidic). Duck Eggs are an healthy alternative to our friends who are allergic to other various poultry products. It is often touted that Duck Eggs contain too much cholesterol to eat regularly. It is true that they contain a higher level of HDL Cholesterol. Modern nutritionists recommend you to eat this good cholesterol as a preventative against your body making its own less desirable version. If you are interested in Duck Eggs, or if you simply would like to try one, contact us!”