Meet The Animals

Meet The Animals

Pippi & Lena – the Dairy Goats

The goats are where this farm began. They seemed reasonably sized, versatile in product, and universally used. Goat products (meat, dairy, or soaps) are the most consumed goods on the planet. That’s a lot to live up to! Pippi and Lena are Alpine Goats, a Swiss breed known for its good milk production.

the dairy goats

When not out in the pastures, they can be found most days lying about the barn, contentedly chewing their cud. Watch them loaf about on the Barn Cam. They love to hang out with visitors, and are always thinking about treats. Lena dances alone (although she loves company) and occasionally plays with her friend, Squirrel the dog.

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Natalie, Tootie & Jo – the Meat Goats

These ladies are plain old fun. As the youngest members of our farm, these triplets are around 90% Spanish Boer goat, with a little bit of Alpine mixed in for good measure. With a little luck, the three of them are the beginning of our meat herd. These ladies will have the distinct privilege of being some of the first goats to occupy the largest pasture on the property.

the boer goats

Currently, they are just getting adjusted to life at Villa Villelyon, and are a little unsure about their place on the farm. Natalie and Tootie are a little shy, while Jo, who has the most reddish brown in this picture, is a natural born leader. They have plenty of spunk and can’t wait to play every day! Catch them in the barn in the morning and evening, because they are outside most of the time.

Billy – the Boy Goat

He’s the baby daddy! Billy goat came to join us permanently this fall. What started as a temporary “visit” turned full time after he gave Curt an actual kiss on the cheek. When his birth home was getting too large it was an easy decision to make. Whether it’s full bred Alpines or meaty Boers, Billy is here to help make our herd grow. Even if Pippi still runs away from him every time he and his horns get close!

Billy the Alpine Goat

Louis and the ducks making duck eggs


Tiring of their life in Metro Detroit, Louie, The Ladies, and The Girls decided to retire to greener pastures. With the help of their previous friends, they packed up their lives and moved out to the Villa! They now spend their days eating farm-fresh bugs and natural grains. They love spending time in their pool, and occasionally they sneak into the barn for a nice sit on the hay.