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And now we wait for nature to take it’s course


Year two of our garden “by the road” is in full swing. The tomatoes, peppers, cukes, squash, corn, beets, beans, lettuce, swiss chard, radishes and watermelon are in a race to grow faster than the weeds. Last year we learned that we definitely needed to remove the root systems or the original pasture that grew there (the never ending battle of course). This year we’re learning that this patch of soil has a lot of clay. We’re farmers so we know that we have to figure out how to fix it on our own. Luckily we have plenty of nutrient rich barn waste to mix in!

Between trying to keep animals healthy, barns and silos repaired, our kid entertained and somehow manage to squeeze in a vacation to see some friends we’ll be eating well and sharing our good fortunes with neighbors, family and friends. So if you want to pull some weeds, pick up a shovel, hammer some nails, dig a hole and eat some yummy food come on by and say hello. We always appreciate talking to things that talk back to us instead of just bleeting or quacking!

Spring 2014 Is Upon Us… Year 3

Not TimNCurt

We’re not ready for a farmstand yet

April 8, 2014.

Curt has been living on the farm for over two years now. Tim was still in SF for another three weeks. We knew we wanted to start a farm. Year one was great… easy… we can do this! Year two… not so much. All of the rain made for great pasture, but all of that moisture was also great for the parasites living in it that the goats consumed. It made the vegetables grow, but also the weeds. We couldn’t keep up. We just had to let the weeds grow and pick the vegetables around them. We had our only regular milking goat die so we didn’t get any fresh milk for most of the year. She was one of our first goats. That was hard to see happen. We had our first cutting of hay bailed, but needed to unbail most of it because it was too wet. We manually took apart 60 bails of hay and threw it back into the field to be be rebailed once it dried. (Curt actually did most of this on his own. He’s the hulkster) We got the structure of the grain bin built that will eventually become our guest house before the cold set in. This was a hard winter. Some say the worst in Michigan in 130 years. For us, it meant a frozen water hydrant in the barn so we had to truck 6 buckets of water from our tub in our new remodeled bathroom outside twice a day. We learned our driveway drifts… a lot. But we tried to find the beauty of it all. Even with our three layers of clothes on!

Winter 2014

VillaVillelyon Winter 2014

But, Spring 2014 is upon us… we’re full steam ahead! This is our third spring and we hope we keep getting better every year. We bought a new John Deere tractor. We’ve had 5 kids so far. A set of twins and a set of triplets. We’re bottle feeding our first boy! He was one of the triplets that was rejected by his mother. Apparently this is somewhat common. Three of the five have already been reserved to be purchased! All baby goats are adorable!

Twin baby goats!

Curt with our first twins of 2014

We have three more mama’s due hopefully within two weeks. We have 20 duck eggs in the incubator. It’s amazing how ducks in the wild can get most of their brood to hatch, but we still only have about a 50% rate. (We’ll work on that for next time!) We have about 100 plants growing in our little greenhouse in the dining room. The dining room is going to get more full when the ducklings move in there next week. Our third barn cat, Betsy, got to see and wanted to play with Alex, our other barn cat. He wasn’t so excited about it…

We’re going to pick up two large volume milking goats tomorrow so that we can start making more soap and Curt’s delicious cheese! We built a climbing ramp for the boy goat pen and raked a lot of the goat paddocks last weekend. We have one of the triplets who scratched his eyeball already. Neosporin applied by the finger is much easier than by the applicator tip! He’ll be fine. We dehorned two already and three more are scheduled for this weekend. We’re going to the Michigan Dairy Goat Association annual expo for the first time this year on Saturday. We need to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to do chores, drive an hour and still be there by 8am. Not sure how they expect farmers from all over the state to do that, but we’re going to try it this year. We hear you learn a lot though!

It’s going to be a crazy busy spring. Will it ever get any easier? Will we ever be able to keep the weeds out of our garden? Will the racoons eat our baby corn again this year? We’ll see. But we’re up for it. Want to come see us? Want to come help? Just let us know. We love visitors!


All the Little Duckies

We thought we were excited about one being born. Well, we’re now at FOUR!! Not bad for our first attempt at using our little incubator from TSC!

Four Lil' Duckies


Now, let’s see what we’ll do with them…

Oops! Look what was born today.

Some of our friends, family and neighbors think we’re crazy, but if you live on a farm you should grow things right? Why not make it other animals??



So far we’re not sure what it is. We have a feeling that it is probably a Khaki Campbell / Cayuga Mix, but we’ll find out sooner than later! Same thing for if it’s a boy or girl. That will come with time, ┬áBut in the meantime, we’re certainly enjoying hearing the quack quack quack as it’s anxiously waiting for it’s new friends to be born!

TSC Purchase #754 – Egg Incubator… Success!!