And now we wait for nature to take it’s course


Year two of our garden “by the road” is in full swing. The tomatoes, peppers, cukes, squash, corn, beets, beans, lettuce, swiss chard, radishes and watermelon are in a race to grow faster than the weeds. Last year we learned that we definitely needed to remove the root systems or the original pasture that grew there (the never ending battle of course). This year we’re learning that this patch of soil has a lot of clay. We’re farmers so we know that we have to figure out how to fix it on our own. Luckily we have plenty of nutrient rich barn waste to mix in!

Between trying to keep animals healthy, barns and silos repaired, our kid entertained and somehow manage to squeeze in a vacation to see some friends we’ll be eating well and sharing our good fortunes with neighbors, family and friends. So if you want to pull some weeds, pick up a shovel, hammer some nails, dig a hole and eat some yummy food come on by and say hello. We always appreciate talking to things that talk back to us instead of just bleeting or quacking!